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Welcome to our First Marley Salesroom! Special thanks go to Jodi for being the inspiration for most of the pieces shown.

When you see something you wish to purchase, please click the EMAIL icon to send an email request and enter the name and color of the item as shown. All are separates so be sure to include top and bottom as desired.

Unless otherwise specified, items are one of a kind and will be sold to the first person requesting. I will try to update the website as things are sold, but please be aware that you may be viewing the website along with other buyers submitting requests at the same time.

I will accept lists (along with "second choices" and "only ifs") as well as emails with individual items. (If you send multiple emails, let me know when your shopping is complete.)

After you have completed your shopping, you will receive an email confirmation of the items from your list that are available, along with the total, including shipping ($4.05 for most orders.) At that time you will need to pay by Paypal (k@boxpleat.com) or email that you wish to pay by Mail.

Thanks for participating.

Marley, Alice and Dorothy

Military Jacket $25 Sold

Olive Minidress $20 Sold

Silk Floral Dress $10 SALE Sold

Sage Linen Skirt $10 Sold

Yellow Angora Sweater (Gerda) $15 Sold

Olive Linen and Silk Floral

The Olive Linen Cropped Jacket features working lower pockets and pocket flaps on the upper ones. It is lined in cream.

The Silk Floral Dress is fully lined in white silk as well. The leaves in the print are olive; consider this with the Military style jacket.

The Sage skirt is a "first trial" and closes tightly. Not recommended for "tucked in" styles.

The yellow sweater pictured was purchased from Gerda, and fits Marley somewhat "casually." I believe it is "Tyler" Sized.

All pieces close in the back with hooks.

Black Tank Top $15 Sold

Drop-Waist Skirt $15 Sold

Iridescent Skirt $15 Sold

Silk Cup Tank $20 Sold

Brown Velvet Bolero $5 SALE Sold

Brown Skirts in Silk

The A-line is made from a lovely iridescent silk cross-weave (blue and orange.) It yields a coppery color. The skirt is a "first trial" of the pattern and is a close fit.

The drop-waist skirt shown is made from the fabric used in "Oeuf Chocolat" by Superdoll. (Email if you would like to hear the story.) The dropped yoke shows a bit with the silk tank top, although not with the black.

The brown Velvet Bolero has a venice lace trim attached in gold thread.

The pink Slip Dress can be worn alone, or with the White Overdress. The Sash is not attached and can be worn at the natural waist, as well as Empire, or in the hair.

The bodice for the black dress is a fine lace over a nude lining. There are additional belt choices, if desired.

Party Dresses
Pink Slip Dress $10 SALE Sold

Sheer Overdress $15 SALE Sold

Black Cocktail Dress $30 Sold

Navy Corduroy Jacket $25 Sold

Plaid Belted Skirt $20 Sold

Red Plaid Kilt $20 Sold

Buff Turtleneck $20 Sold

Jacket and Kilt

The Jacket pictured is made from a very fine wale corduroy. The edges are all trimmed with a deconstructed "fringe" inspired by the pictures sent by Jodi.

The plaid skirt shown is noted as "belted" because it features beltloops and includes a dark red belt. The buckle is partially visible if worn with the jacket.

The red plaid Kilt features tiny "leather" straps and buckles. (The straps are ultrasuede however, and not real leather.)

The black bow belt detail is made from velvet ribbon and is optional.

This is the same dress pictured with the White Overdress above, for a less formal look.

Red Rayon Dress $10 SALE Sold

Pink Slip Dress with Sash $10 SALE Sold

Black Jacket $25 Sold

Center-Pleat Skirt $15 Sold

Ribbed Turtleneck $20 Sold

Knife Pleated Skirt $10 SALE Sold

Blush Silk Tank Top $15 Sold

Ribbed Cardigan $15 Sold

Panel Front Skirt (red) $10 SALE Sold
red plaid

These pieces, and indeed most of the collection can be combined in many different ways. Check below for pictures of all the tops available (and not covered by jackets and sweaters.)

The Jacket is made in a fine wale black corduroy. It features crystal "buttons."

Ivory Satin Dress $10 SALE Sold

Wine Red Dress $30 Sold
The Ivory satin may be a silk, but its provenance is not confirmed.

The side bow on the Wine Red dress is still negotiable. (I had also considered making a short bolero jacket and trimming it with a black tulle ruffle like the skirt.)

Party Dresses Too

The yoga pants have a smooth cut, but unhemmed edge to maintain a smooth line.

The Narrow Pleated skirt is a "first trial" and is slightly off-center. This is easily addressed by shifting the back closure over slightly.

The Denim jacket does not have closures on it yet. Please specify if you would like snaps, or just "buttons" to be worn open. This denim is heavier than I like so it is a bit stiff.

Green that Jodi Didn't like
Green Body Suit $5 SALE Sold

Low Yoga Pants $15 Sold

Green Tank Top $5 SALE Sold

Narrow Pleat Skirt $5 SALE Sold

Sleeveless T-neck $5 SALE Sold

Panel Skirt (Gold) $20 Sold

Black Denim Jacket $10 SALE Sold

* items were not pictured on the doll.

Cardigan $15 Sold

Silk Cup Tank $20 Sold
Silk Tank $15 Sold
Square Neck Top $20 Sold

Ribbed T-neck $20 Sold
Buff Colored Tank $5 SALE Sold
Buff T-Neck $20 Sold

Blush Tops
Green Tops

* items were not pictured on the doll.

Body Suit $15 Sold
T-Neck $20 Sold
Sleeveless $15 Sold

Tank Top $15 Sold
Strap Tank $15 Sold
Gray Slip On $15 Sold


* items were not pictured on the doll.

Yellow Yoga $5 SALE Sold
Jammie Pants $5 SALE Sold
Black Yoga $15 Sold

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