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Welcome to our First Online Gene Salesroom! As you can see, Gene is enjoying herself here in Hawaii!

When you see something you wish to purchase, please click the EMAIL icon to send an email request and enter the name and color of the item as shown. All are separates so be sure to include top and bottom as desired. Example: "Sea Green Tie Top (Ocean City) and Oatmeal Linen Pants." (Gene's "Come to Hawaii" ensemble is for sale: $20 top, $15 pants)

Unless otherwise specified, items are one of a kind and will be sold to the first person requesting. I will try to update the website as things are sold, but please be aware that you may be viewing the website along with other buyers submitting requests at the same time.

I will accept lists (along with "second choices" and "only ifs") as well as emails with individual items. (If you send multiple emails, let me know when your shopping is complete.)

After you have completed your shopping, you will receive an email confirmation of the items from your list that are available, along with the total, including shipping ($4.05 for most orders.) At that time you will need to pay by Paypal (k@boxpleat.com) or email that you wish to pay by Mail.

Thanks for participating.

Gene Marshall and Friends

Blue Eyelet Halter Dress $45 Sold

Melon Somerset Bolero $20 Sold

Melon Somerset Shorts $15 Sold

White Rayon Bra Top $20 (1 left) Sold

Turquoise Somerset Bolero $20 Sold

Turquoise Somerset Shorts $15 Sold

Towels $5 Sold
Picnic and Somerset

"Picnic" Dress is a Cotton eyelet in baby blue with white detailing. It features a tight fitting halterstyle bodice and full skirt.

All Somerset pieces are Rayon Challis, lined in white rayon. The Boleros are reversible (and so do not have a boxpleat tag inside.)

All pieces close in the back with hooks.

Blue Silk

Boxy Jacket $40 Sold
Slim Fit Pants $15 Sold
"Brooklyn" Dress $40 Sold
Straight Skirt $20 Sold
Collared Cape $20 Sold
Blue Silk group for Gene

This group is made from a lovely iridescent silk cross-weave (blue and black.)

The jacket features Black Swarovski crystal "buttons." The cape can be finished to match at no additional cost.

All pieces except the pants are lined in a pale blue.

I have no additional fabric to make custom orders to match the pieces shown.

This is a very soft crepe-backed satin. All tops are lined, while the skirts are not.

The Louis XV jacket features a lace-up detail and soft shaped ruffles at the elbows and neckline.

I have additional pieces, including a variety of other tops and skirts in this fabric, please email if you would like further details.

Coral Evening Separates for Gene

Coral Evening

Full Circle Skirt $35 Sold
Plain Bustier $20 Sold
Louis XV Jacket $30 Sold
Coral Keyhole Halter $25 Sold
Half Circle Skirt $30 Sold


Full Circle Skirt $35 Sold
Flowered Halter $35 Sold
Full Circle Day Skirt $30 Sold
Square-Necked Halter $20 Sold
Straight Skirt $20 Sold
White Keyhole Halter $25 Sold
Blue and White Evening Pieces for Gene

These Evening Separates are made from crepe-backed satin, and are interchangeable. See below for additional combinations.

The "Flowered" Halter is Venise Lace Flowers individually applied to a Periwinkle Blue Halter which ties at the neck.

I have more pieces in the Periwinkle Blue, including a variety of other tops and skirts in this fabric, please email if you would like further details.

The "Flowered" Bustier is Venise Lace Flowers individually applied to a Spring Green Bustier. This Bustier can fit Tyler or Gene style bodies. The Spring Green Skirt also fits both body styles. (Note: this color is more vivid than shows in this picture.)

I don't think I have additional fabric for the Red, Spring Green or White to make additional pieces.

Wrap Dresses

Evening Separates

Red 5-piece Skirt $25 Sold
Red High Halter $20 Sold
Flowered Bustier $30 Sold
Green 5-piece Skirt $25 Sold
White Keyhole Halter $25 Sold
White 5-piece Skirt $25 Sold

Additional Views

Princess Sheath $30 Sold
Fitted Bolero $20 Sold
Wrap Dresses

Please note: both tops with the applied Venise Lace Flowers are listed in the sections above. As you can see, they look great with colored or white skirts. The blue ribbon is not an exact color match, but can be included if you desire.

The Spring Green Bolero does fit tightly over the "flower" bustier.

The Girl Next Door

"Collar" in Red $50 Sold
"Collar" in Blue $50 Sold
"Collar" in Yellow $50 Sold
"3 Bows" in Red $45Sold
"Lawn" in Pink $50 Sold
"Lawn" in Lavender $50 Sold

All dresses are Cotton Gingham and are partially lined.

The "Lawn" dresses feature a skirt made from Cotton Lawn, a sheer fabric that is wonderfully soft.

Cotton Dresses

The Pants in this group are a Wide-leg Hostess style: smooth fitting through the waist and hips, but wide at the hem. These can be worn by Kinetic.
All pieces are silk.
Both bra and Nightgown feature a small ribbon bow at the center front.

This Double Ruffle is an early trial for our pattern, hence the lower price. (Double Ruffle blouses are $35 normally.)

Silky Pieces for Gene

Good Night Ladies

Silk Nightgown $20 Sold
Black Silk Bra $20 Sold
Black Silk Pants $15 Sold
Red Silk Pants $20 Sold
Double Ruffle Blouse $25 Sold

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