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Fin arrived, and although I haven't had a huge amount of time to sew, I did check to see if any of hte new pieces I have been working on would fit her. What you see below is some of what I found. There are additional pieces that are "orphans" that I hope to fit in to outfits in the future. Indeed, several of the pieces shown here have Outfits planned (rather than just t-shirts....)

When you see something you wish to purchase, please click the EMAIL icon to send an email request and enter the name and color of the item as shown. All are separates so be sure to include top and skirt if desired.

Unless otherwise specified, items are one of a kind and will be sold to the first person requesting. I will try to update the website as things are sold, but please be aware that you may be viewing the website along with other buyers submitting requests at the same time.

I will accept lists (along with "second choices" and "only ifs") as well as emails with individual items. (If you send multiple emails, let me know when your shopping is complete.)

After you have completed your shopping, you will receive an email confirmation of the items from your list that are available, along with the total, including shipping. At that time you will need to pay by Paypal (k@boxpleat.com) or email that you wish to pay by Mail.

Thanks for participating.

Stripes: Capris are of a stretch cotton and also fit Models and other 60 cm sizes. $20 T-Top $20 (Both Sold)

Fin Domuya Flexi


Dress $35 Sold

This cotton summer dress fits a variety of dolls well. The best fit is actually on the Small Bust Rainy girl we have here, where the hem falls below the knee. It does not fit Dollmore models. I am happy to provide additional pics of this dress on any of the bodies we have here.

yellow floral halter dress
Crepe Aline skirt

Bright Spot in Your Day

Skirt $25 Sold
Crop Top $20 Sold

This A-line skirt is cut in one piece and, as you can see, still needs a hem. If you would like to reserve it when it is finished, please let me know.

The crop top is a bit tight on Fin, but works well on the 60 cm girls. The sleeve is also full length on 60 cm.

Lace Skirt $30 Sold
Lace Tank Top $20 Sold

This Tiered Lace Skirt will fit all of the resin dolls in my collection, at varying lengths (to include Rainy, Luts and SD13 as well as Models and Fin.) The top ties in the back for a flexible fit. Likewise, the straps have not been attached in back yet, so if you are buying for a different size, please let me know so we can get the best fit.

Tiered Skirt and Top
Tiered Skirt and Top
Lace Skirt $30 Sold
Silk Tank Top $25 Sold

This Tiered Skirt features a shorter length (since I used every last bit of lace I had!) The tank top has adjustable straps for a flexible fit for a variety of dolls. The straps can also be crossed in front or back at the neck.

Dots T-Shirt $20 Sold
Eyelet Skirt $25 Sold

This Top features a narrow white raw edged trim at neck and sleeves. It snaps up the back. (It is an exact replica of a top I have.)

The skirt shown is available, but is a tight fit for Fin. It is a better fit on Lishe etc. Email if you would like to see additional pictures. It does not fit Rainy girls.

Dotted T-shirt
Hippie Skirts
Flowered Top $5 Sold
Eyelet Skirt $25 Sold

Easy slip on top, rescued out of the disastrous sewing project it was meant to be. Our loss is your gain. :)

See Left for information about the skirt shown.

Capris $20 Sold
T-shirt $20 Sold

An early pattern trial, these baby wale cords are a much nicer fit on the big girls (especially the Models.) I picture these with some tall boots and a skinny turtleneck (but I only have summery Ts right now.....) Ask, if you are interested in "outfitting" these pants, I have lots of options we could make.

Babywale Cord Capris
Linen Pleated Skirt
Top $20 Sold
Skirt $20 Sold

I have more of this red linen, so If you had envisioned a suit/school uniform style, that would be easily done. This skirt fits all the girls here.

If you would like to see items still found in our past salesrooms, please use the following text Links:







There are still some lovely things to be seen....

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