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Welcome to our first BJD salesroom entitled "No Shoes!" This Salesroom is includes many items that can be used for a range of dolls. Please let me know which dolls you are purchasing for. 60cm girls (SD13, CP Mature and Rainy Small Bust) are at the top and MNF pieces are near the bottom of the page.

When you see something you wish to purchase, please click the EMAIL icon to send an email request and enter the name and color of the item as shown. All are separates so be sure to include top and skirt if desired. Some of the outfits pictured are combinations of many pieces.

Unless otherwise specified, items are one of a kind and will be sold to the first person requesting. I will try to update the website as things are sold, but please be aware that you may be viewing the website along with other buyers submitting requests at the same time.

I will accept lists (along with "second choices" and "only ifs") as well as emails with individual items. (If you send multiple emails, let me know when your shopping is complete.)

After you have completed your shopping, you will receive an email confirmation of the items from your list that are available, along with the total, including shipping. At that time you will need to pay by Paypal (k@boxpleat.com) or email that you wish to pay by Mail.

Thanks for participating.

No Shoes

Ready for Summer

White Capris $20 Sold
Blue Eyelet $30 Sold
White Tunic $30 Sold
Striped Capris $20 Sold

Each piece is purchased separately.

Summer Capris

"Candy Stripe" (shown on SD13) will fit Rainy Small Bust girls as well as CP Mature. (The pants fabric has a bit of stretch to it so they are very forgiving.) Capris close with a side zipper.

The "Summertime" top features an adjustable neckline and sleeves and is able to fit many sizes of doll. (I have used this pattern on Rainy Large Bust, but have not tried this top on directly.) The Capris shown will not fit Rainy Girls. I do have additional fabric and am willing to make a pair that would fit if desired as a custom order. They fit both SD13 and Lishe well.

Dawn's Early Light

Full Circle Skirt $40 Sold
Derek's Wrap $45 Sold

"Dawn" is created in a pearl gray Silk Taffeta. The Wrap Blouse is self-lined and the sleeves close with a vintage floral button closure.

The Skirt is cut as one piece and has been allowed to hang for 2 weeks before hemming so the hem will not sag later.

Don't be fooled by the Eunbi Head, this is my Rainy Small Busted Body!

Derek's Wrap and Full Circle Skirt
Petal Dress
Petal Dress $50 Sold

This little tank dress (or tunic if you prefer) has an overlapping petal skirt. The straps are adjustable so it can be made to fit a variety of body sizes. This does require different loops on the back, so please let me know which size or sizes you are going to need. (CP Mature is much narrower in the rib area than both Rainy and SD13.) This should fit Rainy Large Bust as well.

Note: the bow at the neck is made in two pieces. (Every inch of this taupe floral Georgette got used!) It is long enough to tie at center front on the dress as well, but if the bow is positioned at the back the seam would show.

Hippie Chics

These skirts are made from a crinkled silk. They are identified by length. The 8 Inch Skirt is shown below on MNF. (They are all the same width.)

4 Inch Skirt (left) $30 Sold
8 Inch Skirt (MNF) $30 Sold
11 Inch Skirt (right) $30 Sold

T-shirt $20 Sold
Fitted Crop Shirt $20 Sold

Not shown but available: T-shirt with straight cut sleeves and a Cropped shirt with crew neck and wide sleeves.

Silk Broomstick skirts
Wool Combination
Wool Tweed Vest $25 Sold
Linen Skirt $25 Sold
Roll Collar Blouse $25 Sold
Navy Wool Bolero $20 Sold

This roll collar blouse is cotton and snaps up the front.

The Skirt is a beautiful Italian Linen. I also have a pleated knee-length skirt in this same fabric. Email if you are interested.

Wool Bolero
Lola and Batiste
Floral Dress $40 Sold
Pantalets and Collar $25 Sold

This dress snaps up the front and features a plain banded collar (with a small floral detail.) It is not tightly fitted in the bodice, so is able to fit all the girls here in my office. If you are purchasing for a Rainy Small Bust Girl, please let me know. My professional opinion is that it needs one more snap on these girls.

These Sheer Batiste Pantalets are trimmed in lace and grosgrain ribbon. They feature a drawstring waist for a very flexible fit. The Cuff closes with snaps.

The Ribbon and Lace collar matches the Pantalets and will be sold as a set. The Ribbon shown in Emma's hair is long enough for a waist sash if desired and will be inculded.

Gold Stripes Gold Stripes
Trial Jacket $25 Sold
Gold and Silver Skirt $25 Sold
Gold Stripes

This jacket was made as a first trial for a pattern. It can be worn open or closed at the neck. (The closure is a loop and bead. The bead is not visible when worn open.)

Please note, this jacket has a few fitting issues in the back, and its price price has been lowered accordingly. (See the picture at left.) The body of the jacket fits SD13 and Rainy girls well, but the sleeves are a bit short for my tastes on Rainy Girls. Email if you would like a picture. There is room for a blouse underneath. (A lot of room on Lishe.)

This Gauze skirt features tiny gold and silver shot threads. It is gathered to a narrow yoke and can be adjusted to fit most dolls. I do have more of this fabric if you would like a top....

Mini Fee Pieces

If you are shopping for other dolls in this size group, please let me know. With some careful measurements we may be able to tell you if something will work for your Naraes and MSDs.

Black Dotted Shirtwaist $65 Sold

This Dress is featured in the High Style 2007 Calendar for August. (I made the surprising discovery that my Shirtwaist pattern can be made to fit both MNF and Tyler.)

The skirt hits mid-calf but I could be induced to hem it shorter if your gals are going for a different look.

Black Dotted Shirtwaist
Hippie Skirts
8 Inch Skirt $30 Sold
White Tank Top $20 Sold

This is the 8 Inch length for the Silk Broomstick skirts. You might also consider the 4 inch length shown above. (For those of you with multiple types of dolls in your collection, these look nice on Tonners Mama Morton/ Hortensia et al, but they are too full for Tyler.)

The Tank snaps up the back and has a lettuce edge hem.

Ocean City and Capris

Ocean City Top $20 Sold
Slot Pocket Capris $25 Sold

These Capris feature a slot Pockets in the front for a very trim, vintage look. They are a bit snug for easy sitting (but it can be done.)

The Top shown is a pale green with olive spots. Great for showing off summer cleavage. Closes with a faux knot in front. (This is a very flexible fit so should work for many sizes.)

Regular Pocket Capris $25 Sold
T-Shirt $20 Sold

These Capris zip up the back and are a good choice if your doll is often seated.

Capris and T-shirt

Blush Halter Dress $30 Sold

This dress is prototype for a new pattern for Boxpleat Fashions. It features a zipper closure in the back and a close T-neck. Due to the cut and fabric type, this should fit a wide range of 43cm girls (although I only have MNF to try.)

When we are ready to take commissions again we can make this in any color you can imagine.

The ribbon is not attached (and is not of particularly good quality) so can be replaced with another color or left off entirely.

Blush Halter Dress


Plain Bustier $20 Sold
Petal Skirt $25 Sold

This skirt is the original prototype for the creation of the Plumeria Suit. It has an attached Tulle layer underneath.

Yoga Pants
Olive Pants $15 Sold
Short Sleeve $20 Sold
Gray Pants $15 Sold
Long Sleeve $20 Sold

My camera has a difficult time with Olive Green, but the Yoga Pants on the right are Dark Olive. The hem is a lettuce edge. (I have a plain hem pair as well for the same price.Sold)

Yoga Pants

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