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Below you will find information about the various aspects of ordering. If you have already purchased from Boxpleat Fashions in the past, none of it will come as any great surprise.

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Once you have selected your designs from the Boxpleat Line, please email us with your vision. For example, "Wool Wrap Jacket and Straight Skirt for Gene: dark brown, herringbone if possible, 3/4 length notched sleeves, closed kick pleat." Don't be alarmed if you aren't familiar with the terms or aren't sure quite what you want, I try to specify the options in the design description but most orders require some emails back and forth to make sure we are seeing the same outfit in our minds' eye.

Once we have agreed on exactly what is expected, I will quote you a price (which does not include shipping) and give you a time frame. The price will be based on the features and designs discussed. If you request changes, please remember that they may affect your final price. The established time frame may also be adversely affected by changes. (In addition, I ask you to remember that I am a mother and wife first, doll couturier second. The needs of my family will have to come first; I will keep you advised if there are scheduling changes.) If you need the items for a particular date (for a swap or gift etc.) I ask that you let me know in your first email so I can determine if it will be feasible.

Approval and Payment

Once the design is completed you will receive "Approval Pictures." If you are happy with your items, we will arrange payment. I do not require a deposit or pre-payment. If you are not pleased with the result at that time, you may cancel you order. It is at my discretion whether changes can or will be made.

As I do not require a desposit or pre-payment, I retain all right to the item until your payment is received. This means that if you decide you do not want the items, they will be sold to some one else. I hope you will let me know promptly if you have changed your mind or have extenuating financial circumstances.

I can accept payment via Paypal using the email address k@boxpleat.com. I also accept money orders or personal checks (on approval.)


Shipping in the U.S. for most doll items is $3.85 (Priority USPS) in a box to minimize crushing. On very large orders shipping may be higher; I will charge exact shipping. You may also wish to insure your packages. I have had very few problems with the USPS over the years, but there is always risk.

International orders will be charged actual shipping plus the cost of the box or padded envelope.

I hope you will let me know when your package arrives, and if you are particularly pleased with your choices, I hope you will write a review for us.


For those of you who know exactly what you want, feel free to send digital photos, point me to images on the web or in my own archives. Please keep in mind that while I love to do vintage fashion recreation, I won't do recreations of other doll designer's work, nor will I make exact copies of items from the archives. Also, recreating fashions can be exacting work requiring additional time and resources, with the posibility that the project may not work out to our mutual satisfaction. If we are not happy with the result, I reserve the right to cancel the project.


Many customers find that the best way to get exactly what you want is to start with just the right fabric. If you would like to send fabric for your item, please request a yardage estimate and teh mailing address. Most designs require between 1/8th and 1/2 yard, although some with full skirts may require more. The excess fabric will be returned to you.

The fabrics which yield the best results for doll items are typically very light weight and crease easily. Look for fine textures and very small prints as well.

I have many pieces of fabric of all types in my collection, and can meet many basic requests without additional fabric purchases.

My local fabric stores do not have a particularly good selection of suitable fabrics and I have had to resort to purchasing fabric online. If you find a particular fabric you would like to have special ordered, I can arrange it (and if it is something I will be able to use, I will only charge for the portion we use in your item. Most Online sources require full yard purchases.)

Fitting Details

I prefer a fairly snug fit, using small hooks and loops on most items. If you would prefer a looser fit, need the doll to be able to sit, need specific types of closures etc, please be sure to mention your needs as you place your initial order so I can keep them in mind. Please note, items intended to fit Gene will not fit Tyler also unless you request it. Likewise, Tyler items are not intended to fit Gene and require additional fitting procedures.

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