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Ms. Gene Marshall steps lightly from the car. She is smiling. At this encouraging sign, the young salesman also smiles hesitantly. "I'll take it!"

"Yes, Ms. Marshall. Of course. Uh, I'll just go prepare the paperwork." As the young man hurries away, Gene turns to her companion.

"When you asked me to come shopping with you, my dear, I thought you meant gloves, maybe a pair of shoes. I had no idea you meant a car! At least, I didn't really think you'd buy one."

"Why not? What good is money if you can't spend it!" Gene smiles and puts her arm around her mother as they walk toward the office. "Happy Birthday dear..."

New from Boxpleat Fashions
Cotton Sheath Dress with Collar

Ms. Marshall is wearing a lovely Spring shade of aqua with the tiniest of white polkadots. Her dress features a white pointed collar and a delicate organza bow.

Of course, no woman is completely dressed without the requisite hat, gloves and handbag. Gene's hat is white with a hat band that matches her dress. She also carries a leather purse (wih pearl closure) and white cotton gloves.

The shoes included in this auction are Kingstate Pumps in White. If you do not wish to include these shoes, please subtract $5.00 from your winning bid.

"Dotted Line" is displayed on "Dance With Me"
Doll is not included in auction.
Dress, Hat, Gloves, Handbag and Shoes

This ensemble is an original, hand crafted one of a kind. Watch for more original classics and custom designs for Tyler, Gene, Alex and Kitty from Boxpleat Fashions here on eBay.

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