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The first hot day of a fresh California Spring, Ms. Gene Marshall stands with her face towards the ocean. After a rainy winter without any real teeth, she is surprised to be so glad. Still, it feels like ages since she has felt the sun on her skin and she is glad she rejected the linen jacket that came with this skirt in favor of this little top.

She turns as she hears someone approach. She's not sure who she was expecting, but she's surprised to see it is just a man with an ice cream cart.

"Can I get you anything miss?" He asks before he has a chance to look twice. "Hey, ain't you that Gene gal from the movies?" She smiles and shakes her head vaguely.

"I get that all the you have a lemon ice?"

Form-fitting knit top and Pleated Linen Skirt

Gene is wearing a lemon yellow linen skirt. This linen is woven with a narrow white line which forms panes. The skirt features knife pleats which are pressed in.

Her form-fitting knit top slips on over her hips and is equally at ease with a pair of jeans as it is with this sharp tailored skirt.

The shoes included in this auction are Ashton Drake ribbon ties in white. If you do not wish to include these shoes, please subtract $5.00 from your winning bid.

Summer Blouse and Skirt

"Lemon Ice" is displayed on "Breathless."
Doll is not included in auction.

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