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She stands casually near the window. She finds it gives her a convenient excuse to turn away from the crowds. As she gazes out over the city, her reverie is interrupted by the ghostly reflection of a man.

"It is a beautiful sight, isn't it." His voice is warm and yet a little distant.

"Yes," she responds quietly, watching only his reflection.

"This is the only reason I can bring myself to design skyscrapers...the exceptional view." When she turns to look at him, she laughs. He isn't looking out the window at all.

Deep Plum Shell and Full Circle Skirt

Ms. Gene Marshall is wearing a deep plum ensemble. Her skirt is full and tightly gahered in at the waist. The wide neckline offsets her graceful neck, encircled as it is with a combination of pearls and matching beads. She also wears a bracelet and gold earrings.

The shoes included in this auction are custom made. They match Ms. Marshall's top. If you would like us to send a few extra beads to embellish these shoes, please let us know.

Cocktail Separates in Deep Plum

"Plum Line" is displayed on "Breathless."
Doll is not included in auction.

This ensemble is an original, hand crafted one of a kind. Watch for more original classics and custom designs from Boxpleat Fashions here on eBay or check our website.

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