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Marina del Rey

"Wealthy playboy...of course!" He said a bit darkly. "They only want me in that role. Why not the boy next door? why not Sam Spade? I mean, I never even get cast as a soldier..." He made a disgusted sound.

"Anyway, It is a romantic comedy. Playboy meets fresh young ingenue, falls in love, decides to leave his life behind, blah blah blah. If that sweet young Gene isn't careful she is going to get type cast like me. Of course there is always a market for wealthy playboys, even when they get older. There is hardly a market for..."

He laughs shortly and taps his long fingers on the table. "Isn't your time up?"

Linen Shirt and plaid pants

Mr. Osborne is wearing a linen short sleeved shirt with an open collar. It has a squared hem for wearing untucked, although it could be tucked in if desired.

His pants are made of a dark olive, black and gray plaid. Although you can't see in these pictures they are pleated and fit his slim waist perfectly.

We are sorry but Trent's shoes are not included in this auction.

Linen Shirt and Pants

"Marina del Rey (Trent)" is displayed on "Formal Introduction."
Doll is not included in auction.

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