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"Land that I Love"

Gene sits near the podium as the military band strikes up "God Bless America" behind her. She blinks back the tears that start in her eyes as she hears the words to the song in her mind.

Soon she is going to have to stand and say something to these young men and women who are on their way to the front. She shakes her head. What can she possibly say, what can she possibly do to help them understand what a remarkable thing they are doing, have been doing...

The band behind her falls silent and she stands up to the podium holding her arms wide. "God bless America."

Ms. Marshall's dress is made from a white batiste embroidered with red stars on the full skirt. Over the top she wears a red rayon bolero jacket (lined in white so you don't need to worry about color transfer.) Instead of a corsage she wears a loop of blue and white ribbon to show her American Spirit.

White Kingstate pumps are included in the auction.

This is an "Auction for America" item with the proceeds going to help victims' families. Thank you for your support of this great cause.

White Batiste dress with Red Embroidered Stars and Red Bolero Jacket

Kingstate Shoes are included

"Land that I Love" is displayed on "Lucky Stripe."
Doll is not included in auction.

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind.
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