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"Ms. James....Ms. James!" The blonde beauty on screen raises her eyebrow. "Ms. James, I need you to take a letter." As she walks by another typist's desk she whispers, "I just wish that was all he needs me for." The other secretary turns to follow the striking Ms. James with her eyes. As the door closes, there is a tremendous sigh off screen.

Ms. Gene Marshall plays the charming Ms. Gertie James, a young secretary whose boss is trying desperately to get her attention.

When we asked about her character, she responded "Oh, I love this Ms. James. She learned a long time ago that beauty often gets you nothing but unwanted attention. She's a good hearted gal though, and I'll tell you a secret...Sinclair gets a girl in the end, but it isn't Gertie!" And with that signature Gene Marshall laugh, half delighted, half teasing, she took the next question.

Tailored Wool Skirt, Silk Blouse and Shoes

This costume from early in the film features a navy wool tailored skirt with top-stitching details, a creamy peach silk blouse with a navy monogram for "Gertie," stockings and shoes.

She also carries a small spiral bound stenographer's pad and a pencil for taking down that "letter" Mr. Sinclair wanted.

Brown Pumps from Kingstate are included in the auction. As many people already own a pair of these basic shoes, you may pass on the shoes, and subtract $5.00 from your high bid.

These items are included in the auction

"Shorthand" is displayed on "Heart of Hollywood."
Doll is not included in auction.

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind.
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