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"When Ms. Gene Marshall walked into the Gallery, I was a little surprised. 'This' she said sweetly, handing me a little picture torn out of who knows what. 'I want this one.'

Of course we wanted to help her. I mean, she was said to be redecorating that new mansion of hers, but the picture she had given me was of a Monet, Waterlilies 'Oh Ms. Marshall, even you can't afford this one.' She smiled then.


Boxy Jacket, Slim Skirt and Fitted Blouse, Brooch and Shoes

This suit is made from a wonderfully nubby wool, bits of blues and greens, even some lavender. The 3/4 length sleeves and the boxy cut of the jacket are a bit of a departure from Ms. Marshall's usual style, but are certainly the height of fashion. Underneath her jacket, she wears a form-fitting shell in a pale smoky blue.

Of course, this suit is so versatile she could have chosen any number of other colors that would still coordinate beautifully. In fact, she may go back to Boxpleat Fashions for a different one!

On Gene's lapel is a tiny flower booch, complete with a pale blue rhinestone.

These items are included in the auction

Gray Suede Pumps from Kingstate are also included in the auction. As many people already own shoes from this collection, you may pass on the shoes, and subtract $5.00 from your high bid.

"Impressionist" is displayed on "Song of Spain."
Doll is not included in auction.

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind.
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