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New from Boxpleat Fashions "Frankly, Ms. Marshall we were surprised to hear that you had been cast as Lucrezia Borgia. I mean, isn't she supposed to be the epitome of the wicked woman? Sounds more like a role for Ms. Lord."

"She does have that reputation," said Gene with a smile. "But this film shows a different side of her personality. Lucrezia loved her second husband very much, despite the fact that he was chosen by her powerful family as a chiefly political marriage partner.

When the political promise of Alfonso's family don't materialize, her father starts making plans for her third marriage. When she refuses to divorce Alfonso, he is mysteriously attacked and seriously wounded. Lucrezia tends his wounds, and even prepares his food so her family can't poison him."

"He dies in the end, doesn't he?"

"Well, yes. The poor man is strangled by her brother...her family didn't get their reputation for nothing!"

Velveteen Gown accented in Gold

This auction represents one of the fabulous costumes for the latest release from Monolithic, "Lucrezia" and will be sold on the doll.

pearl buckleThe deep midnight blue of the velveteen contrasts beautifully with the gold trim on this early 16th century gown. Underneath, Gene wears a chemise made from a very pale blue batiste.

At the center front is a square pearl motif.

The authentic two piece sleeves are decorated with vertical lines of gold ribbon and a tiny gold braid. Laced Sleeves

The sleeves are laced on, allowing the pale blue of the chemise to show through at the elbow and shoulder. The chemise sleeve forms a delicate ruffle at the wrist.

Gold Net with PearlsShe also has her dark hair pulled back in a matching gold filligree net encrusted with pearls.

Lucrezia Borgia

"Lucrezia" is shown on "She'd Rather Dance."
Doll is included in auction and is in mint condition.

The costume can be removed but is VERY difficult to replace. It is easily damaged, due to the light nature of the chemise, the complicated lacing, etc. If you are the winning bidder, you may send a different doll to us to be dressed in this costume.

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind.
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