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A bright morning early in May, the sun glints off the dew covered grass. The air positively sparkles with excitement as people begin to prepare. Jockeys and trainers wait around at the barns sizing up the competition while the social set begins to fill the stands. There's no place you'd rather be than Churchill Downs on Opening Day!

"At the Races," a new film from Monolithic Studios.

Sheath Dress, Hat, Necklace and Shoes

The publicity Photos for Gene's next film are stunning! "At the Races" promises to be a fine blend of mystery and fashion plate. Ms. Marshall is shown here in her costume "Opening Day" from the movie. Note the traditional wide brimmed hat. Opening Day at the races is a time to make a statement.

The costume is made from a luxurious rayon fabric in black highlighted by creamy white polkadots. The sheer organza sleeves sparkle, showing off just enough of Ms. Marshall's lovely arms. We especially liked the wide duffs, complete with working pearl buttons.

The Satin Flower she wears, pinned corsage style to her dress mirrors the one on her handmade black straw hat. A double string of black beads and Black Suede Kingstate shoes round out the costume.

"Opening Day" is displayed on "Lucky Stripe."
Doll is included in auction.

These items are included in the auction

In recognition that there are many types of collectors in the Gene community, Boxpleat is offering this costume on the doll. If you are already a proud owner of "Lucky Stripe", are an avid Repaint collector, or have just been told by someone who loves you that "You really need to cut back!" arrangements can be made to sell the doll back to me out of your high bid.

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This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind.
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