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A fresh baked loaf of bread in her basket, our young pioneer woman starts out early on the long walk to the nearest house for a neighborly visit.

Introducing another One-Of-A-Kind from the Boxpleat Fashions Cameo Line.

Pioneer Woman with Basket
Pioneer Woman with Basket

Like so many other young women, Barbie has come to the West, fresh with a few skills and boundless optimism. She is pictured here in a dress made of burgundy calico with a delicate diamond pattern, with long sleeves and a full skirt; a good serviceable dress protected by a work apron. Her bonnet will help keep the sun off her face and neck as she goes about her work.

Our young pioneer woman also has a small basket, complete with a miniature loaf of bread, wrapped in a bit of green calico.

A former "Dolls of the World" Barbie, this doll features a partial repaint: lip color subdued, and eyes now a soft brown. Eyes and lips were then re-sealed. Pioneer Barbie also comes with a kaiser stand. The dress is sewn on, although apron and bonnet can be removed. Included doll features new eyes and hairdo

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind. Watch for more original classics and custom designs from Boxpleat Fashions.

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