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In her latest film "The Necklace," Ms. Gene Marshall plays a young shop-girl who dreams of a more elegant life, filled with evening gowns and jewels. The film is a modern parable based (loosely, we are told) on a short story of the same name by Guy de Maupassant.

When we asked Ms. Marshall what the moral of the story is, instead of her usual mischevious "you'll have to see the movie," she turned those gorgeous eyes on us and said "Read it...It's wonderful."

Cream Colored Linen, Vintage Organdie Lace, Olive Tailored Skirt
This costume, from the opening scene of the film when, Ms. Marshall tells us, our heroine is walking down the street, having just spent the entire month's car fare and then some on a snake skin handbag. She is wearing a creamy linen blouse with beautifully embroidered vintage organdy trim. The olive tailored skirt with a kick pleat in the back is complemented by the small gold and glass bracelet. The shoes are a dark brown, made by Kingstate.

"The Necklace" Costume 1, is displayed on "Love at First Sight."
Doll is not included in this auction.

Costume 2 from "The Necklace" series will be available soon.

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind. Watch for more original classics and custom designs from Boxpleat Fashions.

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Linen Blouse, Straight Skirt, Handbag, Bracelet and Shoes

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