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Fitted Jacket and Fully-lined, Tailored Skirt Dove Grey Pinstripe Suit by Boxpleat Fashions

The 1942 "General Limitation Order L-85" kept fashion on a tight leash: short, trim jackets and narrow little skirts were a necessity with war-time rationing.

Although the war is over now, things hadn't changed much when Ms. Gene Marshall asked her dressmaker for "a little something new."

When she arrives for her fitting as scheduled, she finds the fashion house in an uproar over the news from Paris: Dior, they said, has introduced a "New Look."

"yards of many as 25, they say"

"At last! A feminine look!"

"...will accentuate your tiny waist."

As the seamstresses flutter around her, excited at the prospects for the new season, Gene smiles and orders "a little something new."

'New Look' Skirt
auction includes suit with two skirts and Kingstate shoes

Pictured here is a fully-lined, fitted jacket and narrow tailored skirt complete with a kickpleat in a dark gray fabric with a dove gray pinstripe.

Along with these items you will receive Gene's full "New Look" skirt which matches the pinstripe perfectly and a pair of gray suede pumps (by Kingstate.)

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind. Watch for more original classics and custom designs from Boxpleat Fashions.

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"A Little Something New" is displayed on "Love at First Sight." The doll is not included in this auction.

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