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Weren't we surprised to find Ms. Gene Marshall at the costume shop this morning, in for her final fitting on one of the fabulous costumes for her next picture "My Sister's Enemy." Ms. Marshall tells us she plays Mary Tudor, better known as Mary I or "Bloody Mary." When we expressed surprise that America's sweetheart would take on a part like this, she assured us that the script focuses on the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth before the death of their Father Henry VIII, and not on the religious and political upheaval that accompanied Mary's five year reign.
Ms. Marshall is pictured here wearing a black velvet gown with silver and black brocade contrasting panels. Her sleeves are trimmed in a delicate silver braid, puffed at the top with a fitted lower sleeve. She wears a heart shaped cap typical of the period and a black veil to cover her hair. The wide, sheer ruff (wired to retain its pleated shape),a draped silver and pearl necklace and silver cross complete the look.
Black Velveteen Gown with Silver Contrast

The head costumer on this project pointed out that Ms. Marshall has to wear what she called a "bum roll" to help support her heavy skirts. Normally she would also have to wear a "farthingale," a particularly large hooped petticoat, but with this heavy dress under the hot lights Ms. Marshall would probably have to be hospitalized for heat prostration. We wouldn't want that, would we.

Mary Tudor is displayed on "Love at First Sight."
Doll is not included in auction.

Doll not included

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind. Watch for more original classics and custom designs from Boxpleat Fashions.

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