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Pioneer Barbie Unpacking her quilt from the wagon, Barbie settles in after her journey across the plains.

Introducing another One-Of-A-Kind from the Boxpleat Fashions Cameo Line.

Pioneer Woman with Quilt

Like so many other young brides, Barbie has come to the West, fresh with a few skills and boundless optimism. She is pictured here in a dress made of navy calico with a delicate floral pattern, with long sleeves and a full skirt held wide over a voluminous petticoat; a good serviceable dress protected by a work apron. Her bonnet will help keep the sun off as the day progresses.

Our young pioneer woman has a hand-quilted blanket made of patchwork blocks in a diagonal arrangement.

The doll features a partial repaint: lip color subdued, and eyes now brown with touches of green. Face was then re-sealed.

Pioneer Barbie comes to you tagged with a kaiser stand, but she is a poseable doll and so is able to sit comfortably with her legs over the side of a bookshelf or display cabinet.

Included doll features repainted face

This ensemble is an original hand crafted one of a kind. Watch for more original classics and custom designs from Boxpleat Fashions.

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