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Boxpleat Fashions for your Riley, Zsu Zse Etc.

Unlike many of the other dolls we sew for here at Boxpleat Fashions, Riley's fashions won't appear in the Designs Section. That doesn't mean that we can only make what you see here. We are in the process of developing our patterns for Riley, so if you don't see what you need here, you can be the first one to commission it!

Below, you will find a few pieces that are already completed and ready to send on their way. In some instances, I may still have fabric available, should you wish to order a coordinating piece for Riley or for Mother-Daughter sets for example. Email me at orders@boxpleat.com with the name of the piece you wish to order, or your ideas for commissioned work.

Prices do not include shipping.


Dress Sold$30

Pale Blue Linen with a pulled thread design in the skirt and bodice. The cuff on the puffed sleeve is a little tricky with her wide-spread fingers. (This was our first Riley Fashion.) It snaps in the back and features a white ribbon sash.
Pale Blue Linen Dress Cotton Tunic and Pants in an Asian Style
Pagoda Tunic

Tunic Sold$15
Pants Sold$5

This Asian inspired top is made from cotton and features bias edges. The matching pants have an elastic waistband.


Hapi Coat Sold$15
Pants Sold$10

This little Hapi Coat is madae from 100% cotton and ties in front, or in the back for a more tradtional Japanesse style. The pants feature a pleated cuff and drawstring.
Hapi Coat with Cuffed Pants Wrap Coat in a Chinese style
Chinese Coat

Coat Sold$25

This bias bound coat is made from 100% cotton. (The print is actually called "China.") It ties on the side, with the front tie attached as a decorative frog.

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