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American Models (22")

If you are planning a custom order, please refer to our Designs Section. Most things that are available for Tyler can be made in the 22" size. Any other design you see there can also be made in this size, but may require additional time for pattern drafting and samples.

Below you will find pictures of a few of the "Pret-a-Porter" items we have available for immediate purchase. Hold your mouse over the picture for information and pricing. If you are unable to access the information in this way, email us with a description of the item in question. (It does take a few moments to show up.) Prices do not include shipping.

Audrey Sheath in Orange Drawstring Shift Halter Tie Basic Strap in Brown with White Dots Basic Sheath Basic Strap in Mauve Multicolor Print Basic Strap with Vintage Trim Summertime Sheath

Some of the above designs will also fit BJD dolls. We have a Luts Lishe in our work room (and have access to a Rainy Soah-Mature.) Email if you would like additional information about Boxpleat Fashions for your BJDs (or for fashions that will fit a range of dolls in your collection.)

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